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Indiana’s Animal Advocates Celebrate Defeat of Two Harmful Bills

With the close of Indiana’s legislation session, animal advocates celebrate the defeat of two bills that would have been harmful to animals:

1. An "ag-gag" bill, which would have criminalized whistleblowers who expose illegal and unethical activities on factory farms. The goal was to keep the public in the dark about animal abuse and food safety violations in our food system. After a statewide outcry, the ag-gag language was removed from the bill.

2. An expansion on the unsportsmanlike and cruel practice of captive hunting. At these operations, semi-tame animals are confined in fenced enclosures so that trophy seekers can easily gun them down. Many of the animals are hand-raised. HSUS undercover footage at captive hunts shows animals so tame that they walked right up to the investigator.

The HSUS was proud to be a part of a broad coalition of public interest groups that stopped these bills.

“Each year, legislation is pushed that would be extremely harmful to animals, and the people of Indiana consistently speak out against it,” said Erin Huang, Indiana state director for The Humane Society of the United States. “Hoosiers abhor cruelty and we are determined to have our laws reflect our values.”

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