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Resolution to Improve Sow Welfare Passes

The American Veterinary Medical Association will amend its policy statement on pregnant sow housing to include language that will advocate for improved sow welfare. The organization's House of Delegates passed Resolution #3, which called for the policy change. Under the measure, sows will be provided with adequate quality and quantity of space that allows them to assume normal postures and express normal patterns of behaviors. Dr. Barry Kellogg, senior veterinary advisor for the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association issued the following statement:

“We join our veterinary colleagues in supporting Resolution #3 as a step forward to improving sow welfare. Public concern for the health and welfare of farm animals is increasing and major changes in the corporate and legislative arenas are underway. We commend the AVMA and its Animal Welfare Committee for moving in the right direction when it comes to ending the intensive confinement of pregnant sows in crates so small they can barely move.”

Media Contact: Naseem Amini, 301-548-7793, namini@humanesociety.org

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