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Federal court tosses lawsuit challenging new USDA rules cracking down on puppy mills

Jonathan Lovvorn, senior vice president of animal protection litigation for The Humane Society of the United States, released the following statement in reaction to a federal court tossing a lawsuit challenging new USDA rules cracking down on puppy mills:

"We are delighted the court has thrown out this baseless lawsuit challenging USDA's new rule cracking down on Internet sellers of puppy mill dogs. In a detailed opinion, the court concluded that the breeders 'are barking up the wrong tree' because 'their complaints are more policy disagreements with APHIS’s regulatory approach than they are valid legal objections to APHIS’s authority.' Dismissing the breeders' legal claims as 'a dog that won't hunt,' the court granted judgment in favor of USDA and the HSUS – which intervened to help defend the rule because every large-scale operation should be inspected and every dog provided a bowl of clean water and enough space to move around."

Media Contact: Heather Sullivan: 240.477.2251

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