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The HSUS Defends California’s Right to Ban the Production and Sale of Cruelly Produced Foie Gras

In response to a California district court’s decision to strike down a portion of the state’s law that bans the production and sale of cruelly produced foie gras, Humane Society of the United States President Wayne Pacelle issued the following statement:

“California lawmakers conducted a serious-minded debate about farm animal welfare in 2004, passing a bill to phase out the cruel force-feeding of ducks and the sale of foie gras if it comes from that inhumane process. The state clearly has the right to ban the sale of the products of animal cruelty, and we expect the 9th Circuit will uphold this law, as it did in the previous round of litigation. Force feeding is not an ‘ingredient’ of foie gras since foie gras can be produced without resorting to such cruel methods. We are asking the California Attorney General to appeal the ruling.

Observers should be wary of drawing any legal parallels to the case involving AB 1437, which bans the sale of eggs from hens kept in small, wire cages.  This ruling has no effect on AB 1437 because confinement of hens is not an ‘ingredient’ of poultry, and the federal Poultry Products Inspection Act at issue in this ruling does not apply to egg laying hens at all. A federal court has already dismissed a case brought by six state attorneys general challenging 1437, and directed that it cannot be refiled.”


Media Contact: Anna West: 240-751-2669; awest@humanesociety.org

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