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National Marine Fisheries Service Considers Listing Porbeagle Sharks as Endangered

The National Marine Fisheries Service has issued a finding that protection of porbeagle sharks may in fact be warranted. This finding is in response to a successful lawsuit over the government’s wrongful denial of an HSUS petition to list the Northwest Atlantic population of porbeagle sharks under the Endangered Species Act. Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, issued the following statement:

“The dramatic decline in porbeagle sharks has led international fishery management bodies to call for greater protection. Porbeagles in the Northwest Atlantic have been heavily fished for human consumption, they are a favorite target of shark tournaments along the northeastern coast of the U.S., and they may also be killed for the shark fin trade. We are encouraged by this status review and hope that NMFS undertakes a comprehensive evaluation, using the best available science to make a favorable decision regarding the protection of this imperiled species.”

Media Contact: Naseem Amini, 240-778-5545, namini@humanesociety.org

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