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Tennessee Lawmakers Advance Bill to Crack Down on Animal Fighting Spectators

The Tennessee House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee today passed an anti-animal fighting bill, which previously passed the full Tennessee Senate. HB 962/SB 1024 would increase the current penalty for being a spectator at an animal fight. Leighann Lassiter, Tennessee state director for The Humane Society of the United States, is urging the full House of Representatives to pass the bill, and issued the following statement:

"For years Tennessee has been a go-to destination for dogfighters and cockfighters who take advantage of weaknesses in our law for those who attend these cruel and gruesome spectacles. For the first time in almost a decade, we have an opportunity to pass legislation that would crack down on the entire cast of characters at dog fights and cockfights. If there were no spectators, there would be no sport. It’s time to get this over the finish line.”

Media Contact: Cheylin Parker; 301-258-1505, cparker@humanesociety.org

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