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Pennsylvania Senate Outlaws Animal Fighting Paraphernalia

The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously voted to close the remaining loophole in the state’s laws on animal fighting by passing HB 164, which outlaws possession of animal fighting paraphernalia. The razor sharp knives that are attached to the heels of roosters in cockfights, adrenaline-boosting drugs and blood clotting agents, as well as equipment used to condition dogs for fights would all be outlawed. The bill, introduced by Rep. Todd Stephens, R-151st, passed the House in March and now goes to the governor for his signature.

John Goodwin, director of animal cruelty policy for The Humane Society of the United States, issued the following statement:

“Pennsylvania’s legislature has made it clear that it will provide law enforcement with every tool possible to crack down on the scourge of animal fighting. The implements outlawed under HB 164 are used to ready animals for a fight or intensify their pain. We urge Gov. Tom Wolf to sign this important bill into law.”

Media Contact: Stephanie Twining, 240-751-3943, stwining@humanesociety.org


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