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Pennsylvania Senate Passes Four Anti-Animal Cruelty Bills

The Pennsylvania Senate has passed four anti-animal cruelty bills.

  • SB 78: Introduced by Sen. Richard Alloway; prohibits immediate family members of kennel operators who have been convicted under Pennsylvania’s animal cruelty statute from getting new kennel licenses for the same property.
  • SB 294: “Cordelia’s Law,” introduced by Sen. John H. Eichelberger, Jr.; adds protection for horses and additional protections for service dogs.
  • SB 373: Anti-tethering legislation introduced by Sen. Richard Alloway; protects animals from harsh weather and 24/7 tethering.
  • SB 594: Introduced by Sen. Andy Dinniman; raises animal cruelty penalties when under protection-from abuse order.

All four of the bills will now go to the state’s House of Representatives. Heidi Prescott, senior vice president of Campaigns at The Humane Society of the United States issued the following statement: 

“This is a true victory for animals in Pennsylvania and a record for the state Senate for passing four important anti-cruelty bills. We would like to thank the Senate for taking animal cruelty seriously and being a voice for the voiceless. We especially would like to acknowledge Senators Alloway, Diinniman, and Eichelberger for introducing and championing these four bills.” 

Media Contact: Cheylin Parker; cparker@humanesociety.org, 240-599-6848


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