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The Eyes of the World are on Canada as 200 Baby Grey Seals are Slaughtered

The Humane Society of the United States

Despite processing plants' statements that there is no market for grey seal skins, 200 grey seals were clubbed to death Monday on Hay Island, part of the protected Scaterie Island Wildlife Area.

"Even though they readily admit there is virtually no market for seal skins, one company decided that 200 seals on a protected nature preserve must be clubbed to death with wooden bats purely on speculation," Mark Glover, director of Humane Society International UK said. "The senseless and cruel death of these baby seals serves to highlight how important it is that the EU enact a full and unconditional ban on the trade in seal products. It is undeniable that what happens out on Hay Island is inhumane and unsustainable and the EU can help bring it to an end."

The DFO and the Nova Scotia government announced nearly two weeks ago that 2,200 seals could be slaughtered on Hay Island, a protected wilderness sanctuary.

The grey seal hunt is only the start of the killing season. Next month, the world's largest slaughter of marine mammals — the Canadian harp seal hunt — will begin once again, leaving another bloody stain on Canada's international reputation.

HSI Canada will monitor the grey seal situation closely and will be on hand to document the atrocities if the slaughter proceeds further.

Broadcast quality from the 2008 grey seal kill is available here.


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