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NC Senate Committee Passes Bill to Protect Dogs

The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United States applauds the North Carolina Senate Commerce Committee for unanimously passing S.B. 460 to improve protections for dogs and consumers. Specifically, the bill would require that commercial breeders be licensed by the state, and calls upon the Department of Agriculture to establish basic care standards for dogs at puppy mills. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Don Davis, D-Snow Hill, and now moves to the Senate Finance Committee for a vote. 

"Thousands of dogs are suffering in puppy mills throughout our state," said Amanda Arrington, The HSUS' North Carolina state director. "Because of Senator Davis' efforts, North Carolina will have the opportunity to improve the welfare of those dogs and provide stronger protection for consumers."

North Carolina currently has no statewide laws to regulate puppy mills. Legislation would help prevent irresponsible and inhumane mass production and require puppy mills to be treated like the businesses that they are, including paying sales tax and income tax to the government. The legislation would not only crack down on the worst abuses at large-scale puppy mills, but it will protect consumers who purchase these dogs. It will not affect responsible breeders who already raise dogs humanely.

Puppy Mill Facts

  • Puppy mills are factory-style facilities that keep dogs in cages or kennels, often in squalid conditions, without exercise, socialization or meaningful human interaction. After the breeding dog's fertility wanes, she is destroyed or discarded. These facilities are generally legal, but the conditions are all too often inhumane and horrify dog owners across the country when exposed.
  • Dogs from puppy mills are sold in pet stores, online and directly to consumers with little to no regard for the dog's health, genetic history or future welfare.
  • Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Virginia passed laws in 2008 to crack down on puppy mills.
  • More than a dozen states are currently considering puppy mill legislation. State legislatures in Washington State and Indiana have passed laws this year to crack down on puppy mills.

To learn more about puppy mills, visit humanesociety.org/puppymills.


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