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Ohio Teen Completes Projects for Animals with the Help of The HSUS

The Humane Society of the United States

Thirteen-year-old Amber Ginter of Kingston, Ohio, is the first student to complete all five projects of the Mission: Humane program offered by The Humane Society of the United States.

Mission: Humane gets kids and teens actively involved in animal protection by providing step-by-step projects, resources for forming clubs, and rewards for activities. Projects include: A Cause for Paws, Fight Fur, Friends for Hens, Combat Cruelty and Shoot to Save Wildlife.

"Amber's passion to complete all projects and involve her community set her apart," said Stephanie Clark, manager of Youth Outreach and Training for The HSUS. "She has a big heart for animals and we'd like to congratulate her for missions accomplished."

Amber discovered Mission: Humane online and decided she needed to do something. Highlights of Amber's projects include:

  • Creating fliers about the adoptable animals in her area and 67 bandanas and bows for the animals to wear at adoption events.
  • Making a "Coats for Cubs" collection box for unwanted furs and explaining why fur production is cruel. Her collected furs will be sent to a wildlife rehabilitator.
  • Writing an essay on why chickens shouldn't be kept in tiny cages and instead should be kept cage-free, which was published in her local newspaper. She also gave a letter to family members encouraging them to switch to cage-free eggs.
  • Writing a letter discussing how to recognize and report animal cruelty, which her local newspaper published. She turned her letter into a flyer and posted it around her town.
  • Submitting a letter to her newspaper about how her community can peacefully co-exist with coyotes.

For her efforts, Amber received a special HSUS logo T-shirt, a certificate of appreciation and a feature on KIND News Online.

To read more about Amber and other young people at work for animals, visit humanesociety.org/kids and humanesociety.org/teens.


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