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Humane Society International Animal Rescuers Deploy to Philippines after Storms

Humane Society International

MANILA, Philippines — Humane Society International animal rescue personnel are on the ground in the Philippines after two consecutive typhoons have left countless animals stranded and in danger.

Rescue efforts of displaced and injured animals are underway, with an emergency sheltering operation set up at the Philippines Animal Welfare Society shelter in Manila. Owners are also bringing their pets to the shelter for temporary housing if their homes were affected.

The HSI team is going house to house in Pasig City, which is one of the hardest hit areas of Manila. HSI personnel are assessing the needs for animal related aid. A number of dogs and cats have been found with their owners, surviving on second floors of buildings and rooftops. Rescue workers are providing cans of food and also water to owners who want to continue caring for their own animals. 

Vaccinations are being offered to animals to avoid disease outbreaks. Animals found with injuries, infections and wounds are being given veterinary care.

"After a disaster, often the most important thing we can do to help save animal lives is to offer vaccinations, along with food, water and medical care," said Kelly O'Meara, director of HSI's Companion Animals division.

The HSI disaster team deployed after a request from two HSI Animal Advocate Partners: the Animal Welfare Coalition and Philippines Animal Welfare Society. HSI has also sent funds to help purchase rescue and sheltering equipment including tents and a boat.

To see images of this deployment, please visit hsi.org.


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