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The HSUS, Days End Farm Help Rescue 19 Baltimore Cart Horses

The Humane Society of the United States

Nineteen horses have been removed from unsanitary conditions at a Baltimore, Md., stable thanks to the Baltimore Health Department, The Humane Society of the United States and Days End Farm Horse Rescue. These horses were being used as cart horses for vendors known as "arabbers" who traditionally sell produce along the streets of Baltimore.

"These horses were being housed in stalls overflowing with feces, standing water and urine," said Holly Hazard, chief innovations officer at The HSUS. "We are grateful to Baltimore City for calling us in to assist in the rescue of these horses, and to Days End Farm Horse Rescue for providing critical assistance."

The HSUS was called in by the Bureau of Animal Control to act as the lead animal welfare organization for this rescue. The HSUS then called Days End to assist with transportation and care needs.

Baltimore Health officials obtained a search and seizure warrant at the South Baltimore stable Monday evening. This rescue came after a routine inspection of the stables revealed numerous animal welfare and health code violations. 

When responders arrived on the scene, they found the horses, mostly draft horse crosses and other mid-to-large-breeds, in squalid conditions. Piles of built-up feces lined their small stalls, which were infested by rats. Many of the horses were suffering from medical ailments including parasite infestation, malnutrition and extremely overgrown hooves.

Rescuers safely removed all of the horses and are transporting them to Days End. Once at Days End, the horses will receive any necessary immediate medical care. The horses will be kept there until their custody is determined.

High-quality video footage and photographs from the rescue are available upon request. Click here for B-roll.


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