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The HSUS Asks Jefferson County, Idaho Commissioners to Investigate Barbie’s Case

The Humane Society of the United States issued the following statement today regarding an Idaho case in which two animal welfare workers were charged after offering assistance to a dog, Barbie, who was reportedly neglected:

"Instead of pursuing the alleged crime against Barbie and her puppies, despite evidence of prolonged suffering and neglect, Jefferson County Sheriff Blair Olsen has charged the two people who showed compassion toward the animal. We believe this action is a callous betrayal of the sheriff's sworn duty to uphold Idaho's animal protection law," said Adam Parascandola, The HSUS' director of animal cruelty issues, who has contacted the sheriff and the prosecutor in this case. "Citizens of Idaho have asked the Jefferson County Commissioners to correct what appears to be a clear injustice in their county to Barbie, her puppies and the brave people who came to her rescue. We urge the commissioners to investigate the allegations and take corrective action — not only for the sake of Barbie and her rescuers, but also to effectively address the issue of animal cruelty in the county."   

Troy A. Jackson, director of the Boise-based animal rescue group, Northwest Animal Companions, was charged Wednesday with felony grand theft after Jefferson County authorities allege he took Barbie and her puppies from Jefferson County without the owner's consent. Another animal welfare worker, Andi Elliott, from the Upper Valley Humane Society, was charged earlier this month with trespassing after she tried to talk with the owner of the dog.

Community attention was drawn to Barbie after several of her neighbors reported that the dog was howling from pain because she'd been hit by a car at least once, possibly twice. The dog and her pups were living outside in the yard.


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