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17 Abandoned Dogs Rescued in Tennessee

  • One dog climbs on trash pile on TN property. Karla Goodson/HSUS

  • Tennessee dog awaits rescue. Karla Goodson/HSUS

  • The dogs were rescued from a filthy abandoned home. Karla Goodson/HSUS

WASHBURN, Tenn. — The Humane Society of the United States was called in by the Grainger County Sheriff's Department and the Grainger County Humane Society to rescue 17 dogs from a suspected hoarding situation. The dogs, who appeared to be abandoned, were found living in squalid conditions on a Washburn property.

"These animals were living in filthy, inhumane conditions and lacked proper veterinary care or socialization," said Scotlund Haisley, senior director of Emergency Services at The HSUS. "With no apparent caretakers and no access to food or water, we can only imagine the horrible fate these dogs could have suffered if we had not come in to rescue them."

When responders arrived on scene they found the dogs, mainly terrier and chow mixes, housed in a dilapidated trailer with access to the large property. Neighbors reported that the property owners had moved away, leaving the dogs with no food or water. Many of the dogs were emaciated, matted and suffering from parasite infestation and eye infections. Several dead dogs were also found on the property. The dogs were seized by the Grainger County Sheriff's Department.

Rescuers safely removed the dogs and are transporting them to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, where they will be examined and treated by veterinarians. The HSUS recently assisted in the rescue of 84 neglected horses in Cannon County, and is also caring for them at the fairgrounds.  The rescued dogs will be cared for by The HSUS and United Animal Nations until their custody is determined. The HSUS has conducted three rescue operations in Tennessee over the past six weeks; rescuing more than 220 animals.

The HSUS will have video and photos available from this rescue for viewing and download by news media outlets upon request.

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