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Washington Senate Passes Spay and Neuter Resolution

Recognizes participation in The HSUS' Spay Day 2010

The Humane Society of the United States, the nation's largest animal protection organization, commends the Washington state Senate for passing S.R. 8702 on Monday to honor the organizations and pet owners participating in Spay Day 2010 on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

Spay Day is The HSUS's annual campaign designed to highlight the importance of saving animal lives by spaying or neutering. On Spay Day, and throughout the month of February, The HSUS brings together hundreds of spay/neuter events to create a wave of spay/neuter activity and awareness across the country.

Similar spay/neuter resolutions have been passed in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and have been introduced in California, Maine, Michigan and Maryland.

"Washington state animal shelters and humane societies euthanize approximately 60,000 cats and dogs each year, many of whom are healthy and adoptable, due to a lack of critical resources and public awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering,"  said Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, the sponsor of the resolution. "This tragic overpopulation of pets costs our taxpayers millions of dollars annually through animal service and control programs aimed at coping with the plight of homeless and unwanted animals. Spaying and neutering is an important part of combating this problem."

More than 500 events are scheduled to take place this year in Washington, 48 other states, the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories. Local animal shelters, spay/neuter clinics, veterinary practices and others will be hosting events in their communities, providing much-needed services to families with pets and educating their communities about the importance of spaying and neutering. There are 14 Spay Day-related events scheduled in Washington. To find an event near you, visit humanesociety.org/spaydayfind.

"Spaying and neutering are the only permanent, 100-percent effective methods to control pet overpopulation," said Daniel Paul, Washington state director for The HSUS. "The death of millions of pets each year is a tragedy, but, by spaying or neutering their pets, Washingtonians can help provide the solution."

For more information on Spay Day, visit humanesociety.org/spayday.


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