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The HSUS Releases Statement on Minnesota Horse Slaughter Resolution

The Humane Society of the United States is releasing the following statement opposing Minnesota S.F. 133, a resolution that urges Congress to oppose the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, federal legislation that would prohibit the transport and slaughter of American horses across international borders for human consumption:

Horses are not raised for food in the United States, but in some countries, such as France, Belgium and Japan, horse meat is popular among wealthy diners. Under current federal law, American horses can be transported across Canadian and Mexican borders to be slaughtered and processed for human food for foreign gourmands. 

The HSUS' Minnesota State Director Howard Goldman says: "Long-distance transport and slaughter of horses is not only inhumane, but also presents a human health risk: substances banned from food animals, such as toxic wormers, fertility drugs and PBZ, a commonly used horse medication in the United States, are present in these animals when they are slaughtered. Recent scientific evidence demonstrates how common these drugs are in American horses and their toxic effect.

"New video footage documented abuses of horses at Canadian slaughter plants. There are more than 180,000 horses in Minnesota—the vast majority owned for recreation. After a life of serving their owners, these companion animals deserve to be protected from cruelty. Horses suffer during long and grueling transport to foreign plants only to meet a crude and painful death—all for food of questionable safety. This bill does not represent the values of Minnesota or the way we feel about our horses."


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