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Statement from Rebecca Aldworth on Canadian Seal Slaughter

Slaughter opened in the “front” (waters northeast of Newfoundland) before sunrise on Thursday

"Sealers are flagrantly violating the few inadequate rules that exist to protect seals," said Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International/Canada. "There were no government enforcement officers in the area we were filming. One baby seal was shot in the face, and was shaking her head in agony as she crawled across the ice for several minutes, blood trailing behind her, before a sealer clubbed her. Sealers were not checking to ensure seals were unconscious before impaling them on hooks and dragging them across the ice, throwing them onto boats, and cutting them open. In the 12 years I have observed the commercial seal slaughter in Canada, this is some of the worst cruelty I have witnessed. These images prove that Canada's seal slaughter is cruel and inhumane."

Images are available for media use upon request.


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