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The HSUS Condemns Delavan Township’s Decision to Round Up and Kill Canada Geese

Group urges Wisconsin community to explore humane solutions

In a letter sent to the City Manager, The Humane Society of the United States condemned the just-announced decision to round up and gas 250 geese and goslings in Delavan Township, Wis. The rationale given by town officials for this short-sighted plan was that goose droppings foul town parks and beaches. Within the next few weeks, USDA's Wildlife Services will round up 250 geese and goslings and gas them to death.

The HSUS pointed out that far better and more humane solutions exist for resolving this problem, and that more than 50 local residents sent the town a proposal in which they volunteered to clean the park daily, organize and begin an egg addling program, and raise funds for the purchase of other goose deterrents such as border collies and effective repellents. 

Despite heavy public opposition to the planned killing, the Township denied the residents' proposal and voted to proceed with killing the geese. In a letter to City Manger Dorothy Burwell, Lynsey White Dasher of The HSUS wrote, "Instead of accepting this sincere proposal for a humane, effective solution, we were very disappointed to learn that the township instead chose an ill-advised and inhumane course of action — that of contracting USDA Wildlife Services to use considerable tax-payer dollars to kill geese."

The HSUS once again urges Delavan Township to immediately halt plans to go forward with the slaughter of geese. "The HSUS and like-minded organization GeesePeace have helped communities across the country set up effective and humane programs for resolving conflicts with geese," White Dasher said. "This win-win type of program would clean up the town's parks and beaches and restore peace within the community. It is a shame the Township is turning a deaf ear to humane solutions."


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