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The HSUS Urges Citizens to Remember Pets During National Preparedness Month

When a disaster or crisis hits, it affects both humans and the animals in their care. September is National Preparedness Month, and The Humane Society of the United States urges families with pets to take a few necessary steps to protect the well-being of their animal companions when a disaster strikes.

The key to survival during a disaster is to be as prepared as possible before disaster strikes. Remember to include your pet in your disaster preparedness plans, and always take them with you if you are asked to evacuate.

The HSUS staffs a full-time, trained animal rescue team and maintains a fleet of disaster response vehicles and boats used to respond to disasters affecting animals. Humane Society University also offers classes around the country to prepare individuals and communities to respond to animals in disaster. Find details and schedules of classes in your area here.

More than 358 million pets reside in 63 percent of American households. A post-Katrina Zogby International poll found that 61 percent of pet owners say they would refuse to evacuate if they could not take their pets with them.

The following are links directly to specific information on The Humane Society of the United States website designed to assist pet owners, animal lovers and communities prepare for a crisis or disaster.

Disaster preparedness and evacuation planning for animals:

Companion animals


Farm Animals 

Disaster Preparedness Quiz:

Are you sure you’re ready?



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