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Wheaton, Illinois, Takes an Important Step in Coyote Management

The next step: commit to humane techniques--not trapping and killing

  • The most effective method for managing troublesome coyotes is aversion, not killing. John Harrison

The Humane Society of the United States applauded the city of Wheaton, Illinois, for taking a major step toward humanely addressing conflicts between people and coyotes. 

At the November 15 meeting, the Wheaton City Council approved a new policy that focuses on educating residents, managing trash and other items that attract coyotes, collecting coyote sighting data, and using proven nonlethal techniques of aversive conditioning to deter coyotes who have become too bold.

Take action: Email city council members to thank them for adopting the new plan and urge them to haze—not trap and kill—problem coyotes

This March, the city faced public outcry when it hired a trapper to kill coyotes in response to pet attacks.  Five coyotes were trapped and killed, but the city is once again flooded with coyote complaints, suggesting that the lethal approach is not an effective long-term solution.

“We are very pleased to see Wheaton adopt a more humane plan focused on changing human behavior through education and reforming coyote behavior through aversive conditioning,” said Lynsey White Dasher, urban wildlife specialist for The HSUS. “This is the right approach, rather than relying on an endless cycle of killing–which is both costly and unnecessary.”

The HSUS further encourages the city of Wheaton to prioritize coyote hazing techniques over trapping and killing for problem coyotes. Killing coyotes doesn’t work because vacated territories are quickly filled by new coyotes.  Hazing, however, teaches coyotes what behaviors are not acceptable. This has a ripple effect as young coyotes learn from their parents what is safe or not safe to do.

Communities such as Denver, Colo., have achieved remarkable success using non-lethal deterrence programs.


Act now

Go to the Wheaton city council's website and click on the email address next to each council members's name and picture. Send them all an email, thanking them for adopting the new coyote management plan and urging them to manage problem coyotes using hazing, not trapping and killing.

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