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California Company Recognized with Corporate Progress Award for Humane Bird Control Product

  • Pigeons come to this feeder on a California rooftop every day. Along with food, they get a daily dose of contraceptive. Innolytics, LLC

  • Pigeons flock and feed together. And the contraceptive bait is made specifically to appeal to them. Innolytics, LLC

  • The contraceptive bait is metered out to give just the right dose for the number of pigeons in this flock. Innolytics, LLC

  • Less than five minutes after arriving, the flock has eaten all the contraceptive bait. Innolytics, LLC

(Jan. 13, 2011)—In recognition of its work to develop and market a humane approach to controlling bird populations, Innolytics, LLC is among the 2010 recipients of The Humane Society of the United States’ Corporate Progress Award.

The award recognizes companies that have made demonstrable progress in reducing animal suffering and advancing animal welfare in 2010.

“Innolytics has helped pave the way for animal welfare improvements in bird control,” stated Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. “Its OvoControl product humanely prevents egg from hatching, thus allowing problem bird populations to be controlled without killing. Hundreds of thousands of birds are trapped, shot or poisoned every year. This product and concepts like it will reduce animal suffering by moving toward humane population control.”

OvoControl® G is registered by EPA for use in Canada geese and Muscovy ducks by licensed applicators.   The product for pigeons, OvoControl P, now requires no special permit or license to apply.  Birds fed bait with the active ingredient nicarbazin are effectively and humanely prevented from producing viable eggs, controlling the population by preventing new births.

“Prior to the development of OvoControl, most problem bird populations were controlled by poisoning,” said Erick Wolf, CEO of Innolytics, which is based in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. “Communities and businesses now have a humane and practical alternative to deal with conflicts with pigeons and other birds.”

The development of this product promises further opportunities for controlling problems with other bird species. Unlike poisons, which kill wildlife indiscriminately, “non-target” birds are at little risk from eating OvoControl, since it needs to be eaten daily to prevent hatchable eggs.  The company has established systems that minimize exposure to other birds and animals.  Furthermore, OvoControl P can be applied by a wide range of users, including municipal workers and building maintenance personnel.  The company provides training resources to ensure label directions are followed as well as to promote wider use, better economics and greater effectiveness in bird control.


  • Nicarbazin, the active ingredient in OvoControl, has been used for more than a half century in the poultry industry with no adverse consequences.
  • In April, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded Innolytics a $100,000 grant to investigate the use of nicarbazin as a contraceptive in mammals.


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