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The HSUS Assists in Yellowstone Oil Spill Response

The Humane Society of the United States is working with Exxon Mobil, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and International Bird Rescue to assist in the cleanup of the Yellowstone River oil spill. The HSUS was initially contacted by the USFWS, and at this time is providing supplies, logistical support and local networking assistance.

“The HSUS Wildlife Response Team is glad to be part of this response and we are willing to provide whatever material or logistical support we can to protect wildlife from this tragic oil spill,” said Dave Pauli, senior director for wildlife response for The HSUS. “We are pleased that the Exxon response team has allowed us to come in and provide assistance during this time of need.”

The HSUS has been in communication with responding officials since the initial pipeline rupture on July 1. At this point it seems that impact to area wildlife has been minimal, but The HSUS will continue to support the efforts of IBR to monitor and assist impacted wildlife and will work with Exxon to bring training and oil spill awareness to the region.

In the aftermath of this oil spill The HSUS urges Exxon to establish a wildlife damage mitigation fund to address future potential impacts to wildlife in this river corridor. A fund of this nature would enable swift and thorough handling of any future oil-related incidents in this ecologically critical area.


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