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Compton Unified School District Joins Meatless Monday Movement

Results in 20,000 Meat-free Lunches Per Week

Compton Unified School District

Compton Unified School District recently joined the international Meatless Monday movement and is participating by offering exclusively meat-free meals every Monday to students at its 35 schools. The new program earned praise from The Humane Society of the United States.

Kristie Middleton, outreach manager of farm animal protection at The HSUS, said: “Americans have among the highest per capita meat consumption in the world, and providing more information and plant-based meals to students can raise their consciousness about food as it relates to public health, the environment and the treatment of animals.”

The Meatless Monday campaign, now a popular international movement, began in 2003 at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and The Monday Campaigns to promote cutting out meat one day a week for our health and the health of the planet. The HSUS advocates compassionate eating – or the Three Rs: “reducing” or “replacing” consumption of animal products, and “refining” our diets by choosing products from sources that adhere to higher animal welfare standards.

Compton Unified School District joins Los Angeles Unified School District, Detroit Public Schools, San Diego Unified School District and dozens more schools across the nation in participating in Meatless Monday.

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