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Citizens Gather at Minnesota Capitol to Lobby for Animal Protection Legislation

Helping Shelter Animals and Wolves, Stopping “Ag Gag” Bill Top Priorities

Citizens from across Minnesota participating in Humane Lobby Day will meet with lawmakers at the capitol to urge them to vote in favor of a bill that would protect unclaimed dogs and cats from being used in laboratory experiments. Participants are also calling on lawmakers to reject an “ag gag” bill, which would silence agribusiness whistleblowers, and to reject a bill that would authorize the trapping and hunting of wolves – a species only recently removed from federal protection.

The Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) and Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection are co-sponsoring Humane Lobby Day, an event that connects citizens with lawmakers and highlights legislation that relates to animal protection issues. Sen. John Marty will receive The HSUS Humane State Legislator Award at the event.



  • Support HF1098/SF705: This bill would end the requirement that publicly funded shelters in Minnesota surrender unclaimed animals to institutions for research and experimentation.   
  • Oppose HF 2171/SF1943: This bill would authorize a trapping and hunting season on wolves -  a species only recently removed from federal protection.
  • Oppose HF 1369/SF 1118: This bill would outlaw whistleblowers’ documentation of abuse and illegal activity on factory farms. If passed, the legislation would criminalize photography and audio or video recording on agricultural property. Even employees and journalists documenting misconduct on factory farms, including animal abuse, could face criminal prosecution.

“I’m proud to be the sponsor of the bill to ban pound seizure in Minnesota,” said Sen. John Marty. “This is a practice that should have ended many years ago.”

“It is very gratifying to see so many Minnesotans standing up for animals,” said Howard Goldman, Minnesota state director for The Humane Society of the United States. “Legislators are recognizing that animal welfare is a very high priority for many people.” 

“Humane Lobby Day is a great opportunity for Minnesotans to connect with their elected officials to express support for humane legislation,” said Christine Coughlin, executive director of Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection. “Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection is happy to be co-hosting this exciting event, where we can come together from around Minnesota with a united purpose of reducing cruelty and unnecessary animal suffering in our state.”

“We hope our supporters will use the information they obtain today throughout the year and continue to impress upon legislators their commitment to enacting stronger laws to protect animals from cruelty,” said Jessica Su Johnson, Minnesota native and grassroots advocacy manager for the ASPCA. “It’s important for Minnesota lawmakers to hear from their constituents and be the voice for animals.”



Media Contacts:        Anna West – 240-751-2669, awest@humanesociety.org

Rebecca Goldrick – 646-291-4582, Rebecca.goldrick@aspca.org         

Christine Coughlin – 612-644-9176, Christine@votersforanimals.org