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Animal Protection Organizations Submit a Rulemaking Petition to Protect Dogs in Puppy Mills

Colorado Citizens Lobby Lawmakers to Support Better Care for Dogs

Colorado Voters for Animals, Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare

During Humane Lobby Day 2012, citizens from across Colorado met with lawmakers at the Capitol and urged them to support a rulemaking petition for a rule change that would require a solid resting surface for dogs housed in wire-bottom cages in commercial dog breeding facilities licensed by the state. The Humane Society of the United States and Colorado Voters for Animals are sponsoring Colorado Humane Lobby Day.

“Coloradoans care about the animals in our state and want our legislators to support policies to protect them,” said Holly Tarry, Colorado state director for The HSUS. “The Humane Society of the United States hopes our Colorado legislators will sign a letter urging commissioner Salazar to adopt the rule so that breeding dogs who are kept in wire cages will, at a minimum, have a solid place to rest.”

The rulemaking petition, submitted by The HSUS and Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare, asks the Commissioner of the Colorado Department of Agriculture to adopt a rule that would require commercial dog breeders to provide dogs a solid resting surface in their cages. Under the current rule, commercial dog breeders can house a dog in wire-bottom cage her entire life even though animal shelters are required to provide an entirely solid floor. The Colorado Department of Agriculture reviewed this issue in 2010 but declined to make the change to the cage requirement.

“Giving dogs a solid surface to rest on is not too much to ask,” said Cheryl Saipe, president, Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare. “This is really moderate but important reform.”

Advocates also lobbied lawmakers to join the Colorado Legislative Animal Welfare chaired by Rep. Beth McCann and modeled after the successful Congressional Animal Protection Caucus.

“Animal protection issues have broad support from voters,” said Lori Greenstone, president of CVA. “We want to urge legislators to join the caucus and so their constituents have a forum to share their animal protection concerns and ideas.”


Media Contacts: Heather Sullivan, 301.548.7778; hsullivan@humanesociety.org

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