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More than 110 California Veterinarians Call for End to Cruel Hounding of Bears and Bobcats

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

More than 110 California veterinarians have joined the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association in calling for an end to the inhumane practice of hounding bears and bobcats. Veterinarians from throughout the state signed onto the HSVMA letter supporting Senate Bill 1221, introduced by Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, which would prohibit the use of packs of hounds to pursue and kill bears and bobcats in California due to the cruelty involved.

“As advocates for animal health and welfare, we strongly agree with the central premise of this bill, that hounding should be banned because of the inhumane treatment of all species involved,” said Dr. Paula Kislak of Santa Barbara, president of the HSVMA Board of Directors. “Not only are we disturbed by the suffering the bears and bobcats endure in the relentless pursuit, we are also equally concerned about the welfare of the dogs, many of whom are at risk of life-threatening wounds as well as those who end up abandoned in the wild or surrendered to a shelter.”

Those who signed the SB 1221 support letter within the past week include veterinarians who work in shelters and private practices and those from rural and urban communities throughout the state.  SB 1221 is scheduled for a hearing and vote in the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee on June 26.

The HSVMA support letter with veterinary signatures can be viewed on the HSVMA website by clicking here.

Media Contact: Niki Ianni, 240-753-4874, nianni@humanesociety.org

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