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The HSUS Agriculture Council for Colorado Offers Support for Local Ranchers in the Face of Devastating Drought

In response to disastrous drought conditions and in an effort to build a healthy and sustainable local economy, The Humane Society of the United States Agriculture Council for Colorado announced a series of seminars to connect humane-minded consumers with local producers who practice good stewardship of their animals and land.

One resource the council is providing is a daylong workshop for local producers. The agenda will provide information to promote their products to humane-minded consumers and overcome barriers that make it harder for small family farms to compete against industrial farms, which often cut corners, especially when it comes to animal welfare.  

“A drought year is particularly tough to navigate, because it adds a dramatic increase to our cost of production. We have to access more pasture, lease more ground and buy hay at historically high prices,” said Brad Buchanan, a Colorado grass-fed beef producer and member of The HSUS Agriculture Council. “Our loyal customers are the only reason our operation can survive through such a difficult season. Now more than ever, I hope consumers remember to support local, family run ranchers and farmers who are focused on humane practices and sustainable approaches.”

The HSUS will also host a series of seminars for its members and other animal advocates about how to source more humane and environmentally sustainable food. The HSUS has more than 182,000 supporters in Colorado.

“Local producers are often the best sources when it comes to both animal welfare and sustainability, and Colorado’s local producers need our support now more than ever,” said Holly Tarry, Colorado state director for The HSUS. “Coloradans care about all animals, and we want to see them treated humanely. The Humane Society of the United States aims to give our members the tools and knowledge to better align their food choices with their values.”

Visit humanesociety.org/agcouncils for more information.

Media Contacts:  Niki Ianni, 301-548-7793, nianni@humanesociety.org