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The Humane Society of the United States Endorses Proposition 30 in California

Measure would support the enforcement of critical animal protection laws

The Humane Society of the United States announced its support for Proposition 30, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act, which is critical for providing support to law enforcement to adequately combat poaching, animal cruelty and other crimes in California.

Prop 30 proposes to generate $6 billion in revenues and to establish a guarantee for public safety funding in the state constitution, which could only be reduced by voter approval. Passage of Prop 30 would halt $6 billion worth of “trigger” cuts that were adopted by lawmakers in the current year’s budget – including approximately $25 million worth of cuts to programs affecting law enforcement generally and wildlife and habitat protection specifically.

“We encourage California’s humane voters to support Proposition 30 to stop millions of dollars of cuts to programs critical to enforcing our state’s strong animal protection laws,” said Jennifer Fearing, California senior state director for The HSUS. “Tens of thousands of Californians have lobbied their elected officials to strengthen laws to protect animals – including bans on the shark fin trade and ‘hounding’ of bears and bobcats.  Without the funds for proper enforcement, we’ll be falling short of our actual goals of helping to prevent cruelty.”

The HSUS has consistently called for increased support for California’s game wardens who are responsible for protecting wildlife and habitat, investigating pollution incidents affecting state waterways and supporting homeland security and public safety. California already has the lowest ratio of wardens per capita in the country. The HSUS has also provided funding for the past four years in support of the Department of Fish and Game’s K9 program, where trained dogs assist wardens in the investigation of poaching and pollution crimes and apprehension of criminals. And The HSUS coordinated with state and federal law enforcement agencies in the successful “Operation Cyberwild” to provide information leading to the arrest of traffickers peddling illegal wildlife parts. 

Media Contact: Kaitlin Sanderson: 301-721-6463; ksanderson@humanesociety.org

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