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The Humane Society of the United States Responds to Hurricane Sandy Impacts

Hurricane Sandy: Disoriented buck rescued from a New Jersey beach, 10/28/2012

The HSUS helped local authorities rescue a disoriented deer who wandered into the ocean.

As the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are hit by severe storm conditions, staff from The Humane Society of the United States have been helping animals throughout the region.

“This storm of historic proportions is having a devastating impact on communities in many states, and so many people are heeding the warnings to also keep their pets out of harm’s way,” said Ann Chynoweth, senior director of The HSUS’ Animal Rescue Team. “Government officials, private agencies and individuals are all doing so much to keep animals safe.”

HSUS staff members have been communicating with dozens of animal shelters and municipal agencies throughout the region to assess their needs. Many communities are accepting pets at evacuation shelters and HSUS staff have asked local officials to include information about pet-friendly shelters in their notifications to residents. HSUS staff in New York are working with city agencies and other animal welfare groups to coordinate the response to the animal-related needs of New Yorkers as the city faces the worst of the storm conditions tonight. HSUS staff members are assisting residents with finding local pet-friendly shelters in the impacted areas. In Connecticut, HSUS staff members asked local officials to open a pet friendly evacuation shelter after getting reports that there wasn’t one available in two Connecticut communities.

The HSUS’ emergency sheltering vehicles, equipment and personnel are on standby in Maryland at The HSUS’s main office, preparing to deploy to affected communities and respond to requests for search and rescue, temporary sheltering, transportation and other needs.

At the Cape Wildlife Center, operated by The HSUS and The Fund for Animals, the wind has gusted to 70 miles per hour and a tree is down on the property, but all of the animals are safe inside. The Center received some patients today and are expecting more in the days ahead.

In New Jersey, the HSUS state director helped coordinate the rescue of a deer in danger of drowning in the ocean before the storm hit. A good Samaritan pulled the exhausted buck from the surf, and the Associated Humane Societies and Monmouth Beach police officers worked together to tranquilize the animal and carry him to safety.

The HSUS will continue to track the storm and is gearing up to meet the needs of pets, wildlife and people in the days ahead. The HSUS is also providing Sandy-related resources on its Twitter feed (@HumaneSociety) with up-to-the-minute information on pet-friendly shelters, evacuation routes, and other disaster information.

Media Contact: Rachel Querry, rquerry@humanesociety.org, 301-258-8255

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