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Humane Lobby Day Kicks Off in Trenton

New Jersey animal advocates lobby lawmakers to protect animals

ASPCA®, Animal Protection League of New Jersey, Farm Sanctuary

New Jersey citizens converged on the state capitol for Humane Lobby Day in Trenton on Thursday to lobby for animal protection laws. Humane Lobby Day 2013 is sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), Farm Sanctuary and the Animal Protection League of New Jersey.

“It’s thrilling to see so many New Jersey citizens come to Trenton to speak up for animals,” said Kathleen Schatzmann, The HSUS’ New Jersey state director. “We urge state legislators to make animal welfare a high priority and pass these bills into law.”

Humane Lobby Day participants met with their state legislators to lobby in support of A3250/S1921, to prohibit the extreme confinement of breeding pigs in gestation crates, S2369, to mandate bear-resistant trash bins in municipalities near bear habitats and S1303, also known as Patrick’s Law, to increase penalties for animal neglect.

“Humane Lobby Day enables citizens to meet with their legislators to discuss important animal welfare issues, and this year, Patrick’s Law is a top priority,” said Debora M. Bresch, Esq., senior state director of ASPCA Government Relations for the Mid-Atlantic region. “Patrick’s Law is critically needed to increase penalties for animal cruelty and neglect, helping to deter such crimes while also ensuring that those who commit these acts will be punished accordingly, and we are hopeful that today’s showing of constituent support will help speed its enactment. New Jersey citizens urge its swift enactment.”

Bruce Friedrich, Farm Sanctuary senior director for advocacy said: “We are delighted that the New Jersey Senate overwhelmingly passed Sen. Lesniak’s bill to require that pregnant pigs be given enough space to turn around, and our New Jersey members look forward to encouraging their Assembly members to co-sponsor the Assembly version of that critical legislation.”

Angi Metler, executive director of the Animal Protection League of New Jersey said: “Getting involved in the political process through lobbying gives the animal protection advocate a powerful voice to educate lawmakers, which in turn will enact laws that protect animals well into the future.”

New Jersey ranks 5th in The Humane Society of the United States’ 2012 “Humane State Rankings” which grades each state and the District of Columbia based on a wide range of animal protection laws dealing with pets, animal cruelty and fighting, wildlife, animals in research, horses and farm animals. New Jersey’s recent ban on horse slaughter helps the state lead the nation in animal protection laws.

HSUS: Raúl Arce-Contreras: 301-721-6440; rcontreras@humanesociety.org
ASPCA: Maureen Linehan: 646-706-4602; maureen.linehan@aspca.org