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HSI and The HSUS Commend CITES Parties for Interim Decision to Ban International Trade in the African Manatee

Humane Society International Senior Associate Marine Scientist Mark Peter Simmonds released the following statement praising an interim decision to give the African manatee top-level protection on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species by listing the animal on Appendix I. A final decision on the listing is expected next week.

“Trade is a growing threat to this species, which is also facing a range of other growing human pressures, including habitat loss resulting from climate change. A ban on international trade is an important part of protecting this species and ensuring its long-term survival. Humane Society International and The Humane Society of the United States urge CITES parties to uphold the decision for the remainder of the meeting.”

For manatee facts and CITES proposals, please visit hsi.org/citesmanatees.

Through March14 in Bangkok, CITES member countries are meeting to decide which species should be protected, and to impose controls or bans on their international commercial trade by adding them to one of the treaty’s appendices. An animal (or a plant) placed on Appendix I of CITES receives the highest level of protection – international commercial trade in its parts and products is effectively banned. An animal or plant listed on Appendix II allows for international trade, but with regulations. 

A delegation from The HSUS and HSI is at the meeting, championing more than 40 proposals to provide greater protections for wildlife. 

Media Contact: Rebecca Basu, +1 (240-753-4875), rbasu@humanesociety.org

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