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Canada Geese Rounded Up and Slaughtered in Forest, Va.

The Lake Vista Property Owner’s Association in Forest, Va. had sixty-six geese gathered and euthanized by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services. The Association proceeded with the plan to have the Canada geese inhabiting the lake killed despite heavy public opposition and the existence of non-lethal alternatives.

The Humane Society of the United States offered the board of directors and community manager more appropriate solutions for resolving conflicts with geese including; coating eggs with corn oil to prevent them from hatching, using specially trained dogs and human volunteers to chase geese from targeted areas and teaching the birds to settle in areas less populated by humans.

“Communities across the country have established effective and humane programs for resolving conflicts with geese," said Lynsey White Dasher, director of humane wildlife conflict resolution for The HSUS. "These win-win types of programs clean lakes, public areas and yards and restore peace within the community. It is a shame the board is discounting these humane solutions and instead decided to kill sixty-six geese.”

To learn more about the resources, training and expert assistance for developing programs to humanely reduce conflicts with geese and other wild animals, visit humanesociety.org/geese. 

Media Contact: Samantha Miller: 301-258-1417; smiller@humanesociety.org

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