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Miami Valley Chapter of the Ohio Farmers Union Endorses The HSUS Agriculture Advisory Council for Ohio

Farmers join forces in support of animal welfare

The Miami Valley chapter of the Ohio Farmers Union formally endorsed the work of The Humane Society of the United States’ Agriculture Advisory Council for Ohio. The vote last week was “unambiguous and unanimous” and further solidifies a united front of sustainable family farmers against industrial-scale agribusinesses.

Relentlessly consolidating factory farming puts the vibrancy of rural communities at risk and ignores consumer demands for better treatment of farm animals.

Bill Miller, president of the Miami Valley Farmers Union and member of The HSUS Agriculture Advisory Council for Ohio said, “The two meetings of the Miami Valley Farmers Union in the past six months featured deep discussion and presentations from knowledgeable HSUS agriculture representatives. Because of these meetings and the facts presented, there was enthusiastic, unambiguous and unanimous support for The HSUS Agriculture Advisory Council for Ohio, of which I am a proud member.”

The HSUS Agriculture Advisory Council for Ohio provides advice and guidance to The HSUS to advance humane and sustainable agricultural practices in Ohio. The council spotlights farms using best practices and helps connect them to markets. It also helps family farmers switch to more humane practices.

The Ohio Farmers Union is an organization of farmers, rural community members, and consumers who share a deep commitment to maintaining traditional family farm agriculture. It advocates on behalf of sustainable family farmers who are threatened by over-industrialized factory farms and on behalf of the consumer who want to know the source and conditions their food came from.

John Dinon, Ohio director of outreach and engagement for The HSUS said, “This endorsement allows both our organizations to focus on working together in a positive manner to the benefit of farmers, consumers and animals.”

The HSUS has been working with Ohio agriculture groups and the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, which has implemented a number of important reforms on agriculture issues in the state, including a phase out of veal crates for calves and gestation crates for breeding sows, a moratorium on new barren battery cages for egg-laying hens, requiring humane euthanasia of livestock, prohibiting the transport of downer livestock, and banning the tail-docking of dairy cows. 

Media Contact: Anna West: 301-258-1518; awest@humanesociety.org