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Residents Affected by Prince George’s Water Outage Reminded to Take Precautions with Pets

Pet owners affected by the water outage in Prince George’s County, Md. should take special precautions for their pets, including storing extra water and not letting pets drink from ponds and puddles. With the heat and humidity expected to push the heat index temperatures past 100 degrees this week, it’s important to keep pets cool and hydrated, and to watch out for signs of heatstroke.

“We urge pet owners impacted by the water outage in Prince George’s County to include pet needs when stocking up on extra water for your household,” said Tami Santelli, Maryland state director for The Humane Society of the United States. “It’s important for the public and emergency managers to include animals in preparations for any emergency.”

The HSUS offers the following tips to keep pets safe and healthy during the water shutdown:

Store enough water for all household pets. Make sure your pets have enough water to drink for at least five days. Remember, the hot temperatures mean your pets will need to drink more water to remain hydrated. Try to limit the intensity and duration of exercises. For more tips about caring for your pets during a heat wave, visit humanesociety.org/heatwave.

Don’t let pets drink from ponds, streams or rivers. Many of these water sources are untreated and could house harmful parasites. Also avoid puddles and stagnant water.

Don’t leave pets alone for extended periods of time. If you’re thinking of leaving the affected area to stay with friends, relatives or in a hotel until the water returns, take your pets with you if possible. Keep the air conditioning on if pets are left alone indoors. For tips on finding pet friendly lodging and other disaster preparedness tips, visit humanesociety.org/disaster.

Prince George’s County has activated its Emergency Operations Center and will open cooling stations around the region.  You can find the latest information about these stations here:

Media Contact: Raúl Arce-Contreras: cell 240-620-3263, office 301-721-6440, rcontreras@humanesociety.org

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