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Fur-Free Fashion Hits Fashion Week

Fur-Free Designer and Advocate Victoria Bartlett to show at fashion week with sponsorship by The Humane Society of the United States

Victoria Bartlett

World-renowned fashion designer Victoria Bartlett is using her spring/summer 2014 “VPL” presentation to help protect animals from the fur trade. The HSUS is sponsoring the presentation on Friday, Sept. 6 as part of New York Fashion Week. Bartlett will distribute literature, buttons and other materials promoting fur-free fashion.

Victoria Bartlett said: “I don't believe in the unnecessary killing of animals for the sake of vanity; it should be obsolete in this day and age."

Michelle McDonald, fashion outreach manager for The HSUS said: “We are thrilled to sponsor Victoria Bartlett and applaud her ongoing commitment to animals and fur-free fashion. We must stop killing animals for their fur, and we encourage and support those designers pursuing virtuous fashion.”

The sponsorship of Bartlett’s “VPL” runway show is part of an ongoing relationship with The HSUS to promote fur-free fashion. Bartlett has judged the “Cool vs. Cruel” student fashion design competition sponsored by The HSUS for five years in addition to hosting the winner for a week-long internship at her studio in Manhattan. Bartlett was also a featured designer in “H-Couture 2012,” The HSUS’ first fur-free fashion show, and the recipient of its 2010 “Compassion in Fashion” award.

Victoria Bartlett's spring/summer 2014 “VPL” presentation is on Friday, Sept. 6 at 4:30 p.m. at The World School 259 10th Ave. and is an invitation-only event.


  • The HSUS sponsors fur-free designers who are building a more humane fashion industry and have sponsored runway shows by Charlotte Ronson, Jay McCarroll and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart.
  • The HSUS has an initiative with top fashion schools in the U.S. to engage fashion design and marketing students on issues associated with apparel that uses animal fur including animal cruelty, advertising and labeling issues, and environmental impacts.
  • The HSUS promotes a growing list of fur-free designers and retailers, and holds an annual fur-free garment design contest for fashion design students.
  • The HSUS investigates and uncovers animal fur apparel being sold as “faux fur” to unsuspecting consumers and works with retailers and fashion houses to stop the use of real animal fur by replacing it with cruelty-free alternatives.
  • Read more about The HSUS' fur-free efforts at humanesociety.org/furfree, and Victoria Bartlett and VPL at vplnyc.com.

Media Contact: Samantha Miller: 301-258-1417; smiller@humanesociety.org