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“Medicine of the Wolf” Wins Annual Filmmaking Grant

  • ACE program manager Colin McCormick says "A film like this could really not have come along at a more vital time for wolf conservation." iStockphoto

"Medicine of the Wolf," a documentary examining the treatment of America's gray wolves, has won the eighth annual Animal Content in Entertainment documentary grant offered by The Humane Society of the United States.

This feature-length documentary from filmmaker Julia Huffman follows the work of renowned environmentalist and "National Geographic" photographer Jim Brandenburg, who has studied wolves in the field for 44 years.

The film explores the role wolves have played through American history, including their esteemed place in Minnesota's Ojibway tribe, and how their recent de-listing in certain regions from the federal Endangered Species Act could push the animal's population to the brink of collapse.

Huffman says, "I am extremely humbled and moved to win the ACE Grant from The Humane Society of the United States. I feel honored to join forces with past winners who have created important and thought-provoking films that take a strong stand for animal advocacy."

Colin McCormack, manager of The HSUS's ACE program said, "A film like this could really not have come along at a more vital time for wolf conservation. Anti-wolf sentiments nearly led to the extermination of America's wolves, and just when populations are starting to bounce back, wolves are being hunted and trapped at an alarming rate in several states as we speak placing this iconic species in jeopardy once again. We hope that 'Medicine of the Wolf' brings greater public attention to this issue."

There are only an estimated 5,000 gray wolves roaming the lower 48 states today. The HSUS has been working hard to protect wolves from recent threats dealt out by states in the Great Lakes and Northern Rockies Region. We are currently part of a coalition in Michigan to stop a recently-approved trophy hunt in that state, where there are fewer than 650 wolves. To learn more about The HSUS's campaign efforts, visit humanesociety.org/animals/wolves.

The two runners-up for the 2013 ACE grant are "Kaziranga" (directed by Mariah Wilson), about rhino poaching in Kaziranga Park, India; and "Sea Horse" (directed by Cozette Russell), about the wild horses of Corolla, N.C. First prize won $20,000, with $2,500 going to each runner-up.

The HSUS's ACE documentary grant, which is offered through The HSUS's Los Angeles Office, is designed to promote animal protection themed content in nonfiction film and television. Past ACE grant winners include "The Eyes of Thailand," currently airing on American Public Television, "One Lucky Elephant," a selection of the Oprah Winfrey Network Documentary Club, and the award-winning "The Elephant in the Living Room."

Media Contact: Sue Blackmore, sblackmore@humanesociety.org

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