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Facebook Removes Pictures Surrounding Texas Cheerleader Hunting Controversy

The following is a statement from Nicole Paquette, vice president for wildlife protection at The Humane Society of the United States, responding to Facebook removing some of Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones’ images of rare and endangered animals she hunted:

“We are glad that Facebook acted to remove some of Ms. Jones’ photos promoting the killing of rare and endangered species. Killing in the name of conservation is simply unacceptable. It does not benefit the species, it only provides profit to hunting safari companies and a thrill kill for the shooter. In a time where elephants and rhinos are being killed for their tusks and horns on a daily basis, Ms. Jones’ trophy kill of an elephant and other rare animals only adds to the threat to the survival of these iconic species.”

Media Contact: Raúl Arce-Contreras: 301-721-6440, rcontreras@humanesociety.org    

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