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RP Management removes breed and weight restrictions from pet policy

In a progressive move that signals a developing shift in the multifamily housing industry, RP Management, owner-operator of 17 market-priced apartment communities in Pennsylvania, announced that it has removed dog breed and weight restrictions from 13 of its properties. The Humane Society of the United States is praising this decision as a significant step toward the multifamily housing industry adapting to renters’ increasing need for housing that welcomes their pets regardless of breed or weight.

Matthew Wildman, Pet Retention Programs manager for The HSUS, said: “In recognizing the value of welcoming pets regardless of breed and weight, RP Management is helping to bring much needed improvements to rental property practices. RP Management is drastically increasing its renter applicant pool and ensuring longer residency rates over its competitors, while opening up more than 2,000 units to tenants who would typically be denied housing because of their pets.”

The HSUS estimates that at least half a million pets, primarily large breed dogs, are surrendered to shelters each year because of pet restrictions imposed by housing providers. RP Management joins a growing list of highly successful property management companies that are prospering from the decision to move away from policies that cause some pets to lose their homes because of breed and size restrictions. These companies are now adopting Pets Are Welcome polices, which welcome all cats and dogs, regardless of breed or size. 

Lorinda Willner, vice president of RP Management said: "RP Management is excited to be a front runner in the industry with our progressive pet policies. We understand that pets are a big part of people's families and we want to be able to provide them with our quality apartment living."

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