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Operation Shelter Snuggle launched to send 1,000 dog and cat beds to Puerto Rico animal shelters

Kuranda, The Humane Society of the United States and its mainland shelter partners join efforts to help animals in need

The Humane Society of the United States partnered with Kuranda and Bubba’s Beds for Shelter Friends in Operation Shelter Snuggle, an initiative to secure 1,000 Kuranda beds for dogs and cats in Puerto Rican animal shelters.

Most animals at shelters in Puerto Rico only have bare concrete or dirt to sleep on. The goal of Operation Shelter Snuggle is to provide beds for 1,000 animals. Additional partners in this project are animal rescue organizations on the mainland, who will solicit support from their local communities.

Operation Shelter Snuggle is part of the Sister Shelter Project, a program of The HSUS and Maddie’s Fund® that pairs nine Puerto Rican animal shelters with top stateside shelters in a mentoring relationship. Throughout the three-year program, the stateside shelters and HSUS representatives will provide training, guidance and support to the Puerto Rican shelter staff and animals.

Donors can simply click on a link to purchase a bed for the Puerto Rico shelters. Kuranda has generously agreed to cover the cost of shipping the donated beds to the island, and Bubba’s Beds for Shelter Friends will be providing their time and expertise in assembling the beds.

To purchase a bed for a Puerto Rico shelter animal, please click here: https://kuranda.com/donate/13815

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