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Jewelry Designed to Save Animals and the Earth

Cheeky Monkey jewelry lines are eco- and animal-friendly

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If you're looking for accessories that are beautiful, unique, and Earth-friendly, look no further than Cheeky Monkey Jewelry.

Founder and designer Simon Cardwell says his goal is to create "beautiful jewelry that doesn't cost the earth." And he's done it. All of his jewelry is made in the USA of 100 percent reclaimed gold or silver and fair-trade gems.

Cardwell is also committed to helping animals, through raising awareness of endangered animals through his Endangered line and a new line of dog jewelry, as well as through his support for The HSUS.


A line of jewelry dedicated to seals carries the message, "Be My Sealvation." Cardwell hopes that people will fall in love with the seal image on his pieces, then be moved to help protect these magnificent animals through The HSUS's Protect Seals campaign.

To that end, each page showing a piece of seal jewelry promotes our work to protect seals.

Included in the "Sealvation" line are: Gold earrings, Silver earrings, Gold "mini" pendant, Silver "mini" pendant, and a Silver seal pendant with jeweled eyes, adjustable chain, and the "Sealvation" message inscribed on the back.

Have a Heart for Dogs

Cardwell is branching out into jewelry depicting dogs with pendants featuring the 12 most popular breeds and one charming mixed breed pooch with his "I HEART Dogs" line. And once again, he's using his creations to inform his customers about an important animal issue.

"I wanted to use the most popular breeds, in part, to draw attention to the jewelry," Cardwell notes. "But I don't want my designs to encourage demand for these breeds that will just lead to more overpopulation and misery." Instead, Cardwell has a strong message about puppy mills, and support for The HSUS's Puppy Mills campaign, on the page featuring the "I HEART Dogs" designs. He also urges would-be dog owners to adopt, or to choose a responsible breeder.

All dog pendants are made from recycled sterling silver, and also offered in ARGENTIUM (a.k.a. tarnish-free) silver, on a silver chain with fair–trade briolette shortener.

Remember to use your HSUS credit card when ordering and help animals even more.

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