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Vote for RaeLee of Tampa, Fla.

Vote for one of the top ten finalists in the Third Annual Dogs of Valor Awards

The Humane Society of the United States

  • RaeLee. Yolanda Segovia.


Owner: Yolanda Segovia
Tampa, FL

When Yolanda Segovia’s neighbor asked her to watch a stray dog she found, both assumed it would just be for the day. But Yolanda’s sons, 10-year-old Azaiah and 21-year-old Christian, quickly bonded with the terrier mix and named him RaeLee (pronounced Riley). Over the next four days, they continued to search for the dog’s owner. 

One Saturday, Azaiah went to his dad’s house while RaeLee and Christian—who has Down syndrome, a history of seizures and other health issues—sat down to watch T.V. Yolanda was outside watering her plants when RaeLee’s barking caught her attention. Yolanda went to check on him, assuming he just wanted to play or join her outside. Instead, RaeLee ran to her, then turned and ran toward Christian’s room. Yolanda followed and found Christian slumped over, skin purple and blood streaming from his nose and mouth.

Yolanda called 911 and performed CPR until he began breathing again. The neurologist said that had she not intervened when she did, Christian would have choked on his own blood.

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