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Singer Raises Her Voice for Animals

Milow the Girl joins The HSUS in fight to stop puppy mills

  • Swiss recording artist Milow the Girl.

When international singer/songwriter Milow the Girl launches her newest CD in the United States, she’ll be doing more than bringing her blend of rock-pop to a new audience. She’ll also be standing up for millions of dogs suffering in puppy mills by donating some of the proceeds from her CD launch party and sales of her CD to our Puppy Mills campaign.*

Milow the Girl is a longtime animal advocate who has supported other animal groups, including Soi Dog in Thailand. She notes, “I have been blessed to be surrounded by animals all my life. I find it so important to live in harmony with nature; it should be our primary concern to live and respect all that surrounds us. If each of us thought about the consequences of our actions and took the time to change one little thing...what a difference this would make.”

Now she is determined to help make a difference for puppy mill dogs. Despite her experience with other animal issues internationally, Milow the Girl was shocked to learn about puppy mills in the U.S. As the native of Switzerland noted recently in her blog, “I must be honest, I had never heard of them (puppy mills) before, I never ever imagined something like that could exist. The conditions in which these animals are kept, abused, well I have no words.”

The fact that so many Chihuahuas are produced in puppy mills in particular resonated with her, because her beloved Chihuahua, Lester, rules the roost at her home and also travels the world with her. Milow the Girl has three other dogs, one adopted from Soi Dog, and a cat.

In addition to her own support, she’s encouraging her fans to learn more about how to stop puppy mills, including a link to our puppy mill campaign information on her liner notes, and talking about the issue in her blog and on Twitter. She also plans to carry the message about puppy mills to her audiences when she tours the U.S. in the fall.

Milow the Girl's support for The HSUS comes not just through her own compassion, but also because of the ethics and commitment of her label, Realize Records. They believe that music can make a difference and reach people in a way that provides a long lasting impact. One of the label's criteria is that each of their artists must have a passion and be active in supporting a cause. Realize Records CEO Michel Grey says, "Milow the Girl and the staff at the label immediately clicked on our mutual connection and love for animals. We at the label have been following and supporting the work that The Humane Society of the United States has been doing and we are very excited to be able to be a part of an ongoing relationship that will contribute to their puppy mill campaign. We look forward to helping raise awareness and making a huge impact on stopping the cruelty of puppy mills." 

We’ll share more about her tour and feature an exclusive video from Milow the Girl with you soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about her on her website and get her album, "Days of Power," through Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and in stores beginning July 13. 

* 75% of ticket sales for the CD launch party and 10% of net proceeds from sales of the CD "Days of Power" benefit The HSUS's Puppy Mill campaign.

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