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Singer Colbie Caillat Stars in Campaign Against Puppy Mills

Hot music artist Colbie Caillat speaks up for The HSUS's Puppy Mills Campaign and Puppy Mill Action Week.


    Colbie Caillat is passionate about stopping puppy mills—and about puppy mill dogs, like Brandy here. Michelle Riley/HSUS

Singer Colbie Caillat’s career is non-stop, with a new album due out this summer, as well as appearances at the White House and on national television, among other things.

But artistic and commercial success isn’t enough for Caillat. She wants to use her skyrocketing career as a platform to talk about issues close to her heart, like protecting animals, especially dogs in puppy mills.

In an exclusive interview with The HSUS, Caillat said she thinks more people need to learn about puppy mills, and she’s committed to doing her part. Caillat recently recorded radio announcements about puppy mills, focused on the suffering of the mother dogs who spend their entire lives in cages, producing puppies for the pet trade. The announcements were released to correspond with Puppy Mill Action week, leading up to Mother's Day.

Caillat is so committed to the campaign that she and her record label, Universal Republic, donated one of her unreleased songs, “Make it Rain,”  to be used in the radio spots. Caillat wrote the song, which will be on her new album, “All of You,” due out in July. Fans can get a sneak peek in this special video set to one of the announcements she recorded. 

For Puppy Mill Action week, Caillat will also appear on television and radio shows around the country, talking about the plight of puppy mill dogs and what people can do to help. One thing she’s asking everyone, especially her fans, to do is to join her in signing a pledge not to support puppy mills and to avoid buying from stores that sell puppies and kittens. “Everyone who signs the pledge and shares it with others will be doing their part to stop puppy mills and save animals from suffering,” Caillat said, adding, “I have such great fans, and I know they’ll join me in raising awareness about this important issue.”

Caillat is a strong supporter of pet adoption as well, and she points out that even if someone wants a purebred, they don’t have to buy a puppy mill dog. Her own dog, Plum, is a perfect example. Plum, a purebred golden retriever, was found tied up and starving on the streets of Taiwan. She was rescued by a Taiwanese animal group, then brought to Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, where Caillat met her and adopted her last year. Plum now shares Caillat’s home and her life. “When I’m on the road,” Caillat said, “I just want to get home and snuggle with Plum.”

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