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Braylon's Goal: Do Right by Your Pet

The NFL's Braylon Edwards tells why he neutered his best buddy and why you should, too


Braylon Edwards has spent plenty of Sunday afternoons sprinting toward the goal line—he's a standout wide receiver in the National Football League. These days, Edwards is also pushing toward another kind of goal: He wants to spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

Keeping Louie healthy

Edwards says he had his Rottweiler, Louis (nicknamed Louie) neutered because he learned it would help his dog live a longer, healthier life. He wanted to do whatever he could to keep his best friend around as long as possible.

Get the message

To help bring the same quality of life to other pets, Edwards recently videotaped a special message to pet owners like himself for The HSUS to use at various community events and include in a soon-to-be-available toolkit on how to conduct effective community outreach for companion animals.


Anyone watching Edwards and Louis together can easily see the bond between them. Edwards said that has was raised with dogs, who were a source of comfort to him. “Growing up I wasn’t the ‘most normal’ kid, and that was hard sometimes. But I could always retreat to my room for a while with my dog and pretty soon I’d feel better about everything.”

Partnering with Pets for Life

Edwards has compassion for youth who need comfort and support, so his foundation helps students in underserved communities. And he sees a need to help pets in similar situations, which is why he’s working with The HSUS’s Pets for Life program to help improve the lives of both people and pets.