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Racing to Help Animals

Young NASCAR Driver Cory Joyce Raising Money and Awareness

  • Cory Joyce and his dog, Macy. Joyce is supporting the work of The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team. Kirby Johnson.

  • Animals have always been a big part of Cory Joyce's life. Kirby Johnson.

At age 19, NASCAR driver Cory Joyce has been racing half his life. Of course, at eight years old his vehicle of choice was a go kart, not a stock car! Now the young but experienced competitor has his sights on the NASCAR K&N Pro Series.
As he speeds forward, one thing he hasn’t left behind is his concern for animals. "Animals have always been a big part of my life,” Joyce explained. “I've been involved with the Humane Society of Charlotte (N.C.) and activities they've done. Now I’ve also joined with The Humane Society of the United States to support the work of their Animal Rescue Team.”
Joyce is calling on his fans to help.  He recently launched the Cory Joyce Fan Club, and when the club reaches 10,000 members, Cory Joyce Racing will donate a total of $10,000, with $5,000 going to each The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the Humane society of Charlotte.
Funds donated to The HSUS for the Animal Rescue Team will support our work with law enforcement to investigate illegal animal cruelty, targeting the worst cases of animal abuse nationwide. Every year we rescue thousands of animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarders and other situations where animals suffer from life-threatening cruelty. The Humane Society of Charlotte has been an important partner for The HSUS, sheltering and adopting animals rescued by the ART. The group serves the Charlotte, NC community and improves the lives of animals through adoption, spay/neuter, and education. 

Donating funds is just one way Joyce intends to help animals. “I’m so excited to be working with two great groups like The HSUS and the Humane Society of Charlotte,” he noted. “It’s important to me to donate, but I also want to be involved in their work, however I can. I’m committed to making a difference for animals.”
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