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One-Armed Kangaroo Beats Odds, Buddies Up with Old Goat

Roo-Roo lost an arm being forced to box other kangaroos in a circus. Now, he keeps company with an elderly goat

The Humane Society of the United States / The Fund for Animals

  • Now, Roo-Roo takes it easy at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, October 2011. The HSUS

In 2004, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch was contacted by a veterinary clinic in Cedar Hill, Texas, which had an unusual patient under treatment: a kangaroo. The clinic was seeking a permanent home for its patient

RooRoo, a gray kangaroo, had spent his life in a circus, being forced to “box” with other kangaroos for paying onlookers. The circus act left Roo with broken left arm. After being improperly set and being forced back into the ring, it was rebroken. Injection set in, and Roo’s owners surrendered him to a local vet to euthanize.

The clinic veterinarian knew that Roo’s infected limb was life threatening, but instead of euthanizing the kangaroo as expected, the veterinarian amputated the arm. Roo recovered nicely, and the vet called Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

Sun, snacks and a friend to call his own

Eight years later, Roo remains one of our favorite residents. A gentle creature, he loves to sit out in the sun, graze on hay and carrots. He spends most of his time with Kingston, an elderly billy goat.

We are in the process of creating a new enclosure for Roo and Kingston. Their new enclosure will have plenty of grass to graze, a large shelter for cold winter nights or hot sunny days, and is close enough to his human care staff to receive daily treats, enrichment, and some scratches between the ears. 

RooRoo is also one of the animals you can adopt at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. A monthly gift of $10, 20 or 50 a month will help us provide RooRoo with his favorite chow: fruits, vegetables and hay.

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