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Dupont: A Happy Horse Story

Blind and rejected, he found friends and a soul mate at Black Beauty Ranch

The Humane Society of the United States / The Fund for Animals

  • Dupont may be blind, but he easily finds love—and snacks—at Black Beauty Ranch. The HSUS

  • Dupont is popular with staff and volunteers, but he's inseparable from Cher, who is also blind. The HSUS

Dupont is a special guy. This handsome chestnut is a favorite among the staff and volunteers at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

Stricken with "moon blindness"

If you'd known him when he was younger, you'd have seen Dupont regularly enjoying trail rides. But as he grew older, his owners noticed he was losing his vision. The diagnosis: recurrent uveitis, or "moon blindness."

The disease has left him, at 27 years old, completely blind and has even required the removal of one of his eyes. It's also is the reason his owners decided they no longer wanted him.

It costs around $50 a week to feed and care for this special horse. Please help Dupont today »

Given a happy life at Black Beauty Ranch

But Dupont has been undaunted by losing his sight and the love of his owners. Here at Black Beauty Ranch, he loves the company of his caregivers. If you call his name, Dupont will tilt his head to the side like a curious puppy and then slowly walk towards the sound of your voice. And his blindness doesn’t stop him from always finding a treat hidden in a pocket!

Discovering a soul mate

At Black Beauty, Dupont has found a best friend in his pasture mate, Cher, who's also blind. Safely kept in a pasture best suited for blind horses, these two pals depend on each other. They are rarely seen more than a few feet apart—except when someone walks into their pasture. Still a little wild, Cher moves as far from the interloper as she can. But Dupont, laughs caregiver Sheila Ivey, "Comes up and gets in your face for treats."

We are so lucky to have such an amazing boy in our Black Beauty Ranch family.

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