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In Re: AWI, The HSUS, et al. (Yellowstone bison slaughter)

With considerable scientific evidence of at least two genetically distinct bison populations inhabiting Yellowstone National Park, The HSUS and other petitioners filed a rulemaking petition requesting that the National Park Service halt the current unprecedented slaughter of bison, which ignores the damage being done to the genetic diversity necessary for the continued survival of the populations of bison found in the park.


Court or Agency: United States National Park Service
Plaintiff(s): Animal Welfare Institute, Buffalo Field Campaign, The HSUS, Gravelbar, Natural Resources Defense Council, American Buffalo Foundation, Western Watersheds Project, Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Development, Horse Butte Neighbors of Buffalo, Big Wild Adventures, Gallatin Wildlife Association, American Indians Law Alliance, WildEarth Guardians, Karrie Taggart, Barb Abramo, George Nell, Rosalie Little Thunder
Defendant: United States National Park Service
HSUS Counsel: Ralph Henry & Peter Petersan
Outside Counsel:
Status: Awaiting Agency Action

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