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Defenders of Wildlife, The HSUS, et al. v. Navy (Navy Training Range)

Plaintiffs challenge the Navy's decision to install an Undersea Warfare Training Range adjacent to calving grounds for the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. Impacts to whales include increased risk of ship strikes, entanglement, and noise disturbance from sonar. Plaintiffs also challenge the Fisheries Service's decision to approve the project before completing basic studies.


Court or Agency: United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia
Plaintiff(s): The HSUS, Defenders of Wildlife, Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, Center for a Sustainable Coast, Florida Wildlife Federation, South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Animal Welfare Institute, Ocean Mammal Institute, Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats, and Cetacean Society International
Defendant: U.S. Navy, National Marine Fisheries Service, et al.
HSUS Counsel: Sarah Uhlemann
Outside Counsel: Catherine Wannamaker, Southern Environmental Law Center
Status: Recently filed